“Unsung Lyrics” – Travel Update!

By Shawny Lou

We’re happy to announce that we’re continuing to travel deeper into our collaborative story of “Unsung Lyrics”! The road may get bumpy at times, but its all part of the journey!

Did you know that the average novel has between 70 and 95 thousand words? From the look of things, “Unsung Lyrics” may house between 85 to 92 thousand, depending on future plot twists.

As of five minutes before this publication, the story stands at 66,214 words. We’re inching closer to the end!

If you’re familiar with James Patterson, one of my favorite writers, you understand the concept of short chapters that keep the reader hooked! I’m finding myself patterning after this talented man and thus, have already entered the “Unsung Lyrics” world of Chapter 42, A Clear Mind Holds Dark Secrets. While it wasn’t my initial plan to format the book in “Pattersonesque” tradition, it’s working well for the story so I’m just gonna roll with it!

1167229_10203202234804269_66178373_oI have to admit that I’ve struggled with these recent chapters. Not because of writer’s block. No, it’s not that at all. Instead, it’s because of Megan, the tale’s protagonist. She’s making some really dumb decisions and sinking into an emotionally dark world. Honestly, her life weighs me down and writing about it has challenged me in ways I didn’t expect. I’ll be happy when I’m finally able to pen her away from her current environment (hurry up, Chapter 46!), but then again, I already know what’s to come. Hopefully her future challenges won’t stir me up as much as her current ones are!

On another note …

I’m preparing to send Chapters 17 through 19 to my writer’s critique group for our April 1st meeting! Since I’m only submitting three to four chapters at a time (don’t want to overwhelm my Sisterhood), they’ve got quite a ways to go before catching up to where the story currently stands.

As they read these sections, they’ll briefly meet the archangel, Gabriel, and eavesdrop on some dialogue between Megan and the Son of God as he prepares her for what’s to come. They’ll also join Megan as The Viewing commences and the first scene of her earthly life rises from her Book of Deeds, forcing her to realize that this ethereal rite of passage will carry her deeper into her past than she ever imagined!

DSC_0552I’m so excited to see how Mikie will weave this intricate novel into a screenplay!

In the near future, I’ll post snippets from the story for you and I welcome your honest (and gentle) feedback.

In the meantime, I’m so happy that you’re on this adventure with Mikie and me. We sincerely hope this project will touch and inspire our audiences, both as a novel and, in the future, as a feature film!

Until next time … keep dancing in the rain, stomping through the pain, and discovering your life’s beautiful lyrics!



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