Unsung Lyrics – The Story and Beyond!

By Shawny Lou

CoverHiResWe’re back! We went on hiatus from blogging for a short while to focus on our story, the book cover (stay tuned) and of course, life!

Going forward, we are committed to posting an article each week so you can follow along with us as Unsung Lyrics develops in both novel and screenplay form.

What’s Happening with Unsung Lyrics?

I’m happy to announce that we’ve moved the story forward significantly since our last update in March! We’re over three-quarters of the way into the life and death of Megan Calloway and are now approaching the part I’ve been so eager to write, the chapters where she finally begins to turn her life around and, of course, the ending, when she will discover the significance of her existence on earth and how it has affected her future in heaven.

No More Delays, Thank You Very Much!

A little over a month ago, Mikie DeLong Pyle and I decided to push the story through to completion. No more rewinds, re-reads, or rewrites! In short, we brought all editing activities to a stop until the words, “The End” adorn the final page. Once that happens, we’ll go back, edit, delete, and modify as necessary.

With that said, I expect that by the time I complete the unedited manuscript, the novel will be a weighty 120-thousand plus words. That’s far too long, lending to the importance of making appropriate modifications during the upcoming editing process.

Will we remove some descriptive sentences?

Scrap unnecessary pieces of the story?

Maybe modify some less loved passages?

That remains to be seen but whatever the edits entail, our goal is to reduce the word count to closer to ninety-thousand. No matter what, we’ll be making a lot of cuts in order to bring the novel down to size, but I’m confident that we can do it without compromising the storyline!

Time to Pass the Baton to Mikie!

My goal is to complete the initial version of Unsung Lyrics by late August or early September. After edits and rewrites, I’m expecting to hand the manuscript over to Mikie by October for the commencement of the screenplay adaptation!

At that time, Mikie’s writing will kick into high gear and my book marketing will be in full swing! Exciting stuff!

What’s Currently Happening in the Story?

I last updated you on the storyline in March. Hard to believe it’s been over two months already! At that time, I was completing Chapter 42, “A Clear Mind Holds Dark Secrets”. Megan was in college CoverHiRes (2)and had become somebody who, in my opinion, was very hard to like. I was finding it challenging to continue writing about her. After all, if she was a real person, she would not have been somebody I would have chosen as a friend so spending that amount of time with her was far from enjoyable!

I’m now in the midst of Chapter 55, “Rock Bottom and Church Bells” and I’m so excited to write a scene which I’ve been imagining for months!

Megan, the tale’s protagonist, is about to experience an event which will be the catalyst to an entirely new life. During the scene, an encounter with an unlikely young stranger will lead her to what I imagine will be one of the most powerful acts of the story! My heart is thumping at the thought of it! Eventually, I’ll post an excerpt from the completed passage!

In the meantime, I’ve updated the Table of Contents page on this blog, so you can check out the chapters as they’re currently titled. Those I’ve added since the page was last updated are in blue font.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, when we will share another excerpt from the story!

Until then … keep dancing in the rain, stomping through the pain, and discovering your life’s unsung lyrics!



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