Book Excerpt from UNSUNG LYRICS, Chapter 2 – “Spirits and Angels”

CoverHiResBy Shawny Lou

Mikie DeLong Pyle and I are excited to share this portion of Unsung Lyrics with you. Of course, your (gentle) thoughts and feedback are invited.

Lead-In to the Scene …

In Chapter 1, “Last Awakening with a First Love”, Megan Calloway awakens on what will be her final day of life on earth.

After dragging herself out of bed on this unusually brisk morning, she heads to the shower in an attempt to shake the chill from her frigid bones. While there, her imagination takes flight as she stands under the comforting spray and envisions various creations, from marshmallows to musical notes, woven within the shower tiles.

Her frustration is evident when her husband, Dave, interrupts her solitude by swinging open the shower door and letting the icy air penetrate the warm steam. Ignoring his wife’s aggravation, Dave nudges her aside, monopolizing the stream of warm water and irritating her further by turning the temperature down to a lukewarm. Megan bites her tongue, struggling to maintain her calm rather than start the day off with a sour attitude. After all, her husband has finally taken this day off work to spend quality time with her. She wants to make it a great day for him.

When he suddenly steps toward her, pressing his body against hers and sharing a tender kiss with her, Megan’s demeanor shifts as she realizes that, perhaps Dave’s interruption wasn’t such a bad thing after all!

Chapter 2, “Spirits and Angels” immediately sweeps the reader away from the reality of a physical world, carrying them to the courtyard, just outside of heaven’s gates, where four spirits are feverishly completing final preparations for Megan’s upcoming arrival.

Ella-Dora and Gavreel (or Gav, as he prefers to be called) are in charge of orchestrating the grand event. They are joined by their heavenly guardians, Seren and Edric.

When humans pass from one life to the next, it’s customary for the celestial spirits who will be attending their welcoming ceremony, to “alter” from spirit form – essentially no form at all; simply existing, glowing beings – to a human-like form.

With verbal communication an unnecessary requirement, the following scene takes place with the spirits concluding a telepathic discussion about their upcoming requirement to “alter” and sharing their joy about being in the courtyard with God himself, and Megan, their soon-to-be new arrival.


“I say we alter now so we can get used to our human forms before Father arrives,” suggested Ella-Dora, feeling overwhelmed with untitledanticipation, knowing she would soon be in his presence, as well as in the presence of Megan.

As soon as the thought left her, she began to alter. The glow that was her began to dim and stretch, soon taking on the shape of a torso, then arms, legs, hands and fingers. Seconds later, her facial features began to appear as her glow, still present, became enclosed by the skin-toned, see-through covering that would hold her human-like image in its proper form. In time, her mouth and nose became more defined, followed by her beautiful eyes.

“I can’t believe she will be looking us in the eyes soon!” Ella-Dora daydreamed.

“The windows to the soul in the carnal world,” reflected Gav, himself altering along with Ella-Dora.

The two spirits, now both fully altered, stood staring at each other. Reaching his hands toward hers, Gav wrapped his large humanlike fingers around Ella-Dora’s and squeezed them affectionately. They looked at each other’s faces, focusing on their eyes. So big; so lovely. Without speaking, they shared a quiet appreciation for how remarkable the long-awaited moment would be when Megan made eye contact with them for the first time.


Ever wonder what people may have done differently, had they known that the morning they awoke on the day of their death was, in fact, their last carnal awakening?

Creating Megan Calloway’s final morning on earth forced me to contemplate this idea. What might she have done differently if she had that insight? If she knew that the heavens were preparing for her immediate arrival?

Maybe nothing at all …

Tune in Next Week!

Mikie will be posting an example of an Unsung Lyrics book-to-screenplay adaption. You won’t want to miss it!

Until then, keep dancing in the rain, stomping through the pain, and discovering your life’s unsung lyrics!


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