Book Excerpt from UNSUNG LYRICS, Chapter 5 – “Notions of a Moment”

By Shawny Lou

Ready to travel deeper into the story of Unsung Lyrics? Green landscape

Collaborating with Mikie DeLong Pyle on this tale of transformation and redemption has been a life-changing challenge for me! I’ve grown in my faith and have discovered an unexpected comfort in what may await us. My hope is that it will offer our readers, those who walk this journey with us, the same inspiration!

Come along as our protagonist, Megan Calloway, discovers how the notion of a moment – in this case, spontaneously deciding to visit a nearby ice-cream vendor, can change everything.

Lead-In to the Scene

After a blissful, yet chaotic morning consisting of lovemaking in the shower, burning Dave’s breakfast and dealing with Iona, her sassy 15-year-old daughter, Megan Calloway sits in her favorite chair, soaking in her treasured classicool music which bounds from the stereo.

Dave has just left to take Iona to her driving lesson. Although it’s closing in on noon, Megan’s 17-year-old son, Hugh, is still sleeping in his upstairs bedroom.

Megan has no way of knowing that Azrael, the Angel of Death assigned to usher her into the next world, has just received the green light. It’s time for him to take her.

Clouds over denverA song, written by her step-son Paul, a talented composer and musician, resounds through Megan’s living room, adding to the perfection of the moment, but is quickly interrupted by the tinny tune of an ice-cream truck. With the unusual chill in the air, Megan questions the curious timing of the truck.

On a whim, she decides to awaken Hugh with a frozen surprise – his favorite childhood treat – a Sonic, The Hedgehog bar!

She scrambles to her wallet, shuffling for some coins, worried that she may be too late to catch the moving vehicle.

She gathers the necessary change and hops through the front door. This will be the last time she ever crosses that aluminum threshold.

Let’s join her in the final moments of her carnal life …


Excerpt from Chapter 5, “Notions of a Moment”

Flinging the door open, Megan skipped across the front lawn, waving her arms crazily in an effort to catch the attention of the driver. Discovering that the truck had stopped three houses away, she exhaled in relief, catching her breath and laughing at herself for feeling such anxiety over a silly ice cream cone. She hoped that the driver, or worse, the neighbors, hadn’t seen her panicked charade across the lawn.

Now calm, Megan watched as the ice cream man patiently handed a treat and some change to each of the waiting children. She wondered if he had another job or if this was his sole source of income. Maybe that was why he was out and about on a cold September day. Wrapping her sweater tightly around her body, Megan thought about the joy that this one little trip to the ice cream truck would bring those children who waited in line. She found it delightful that the bitter nip in the air didn’t stop the kids from jumping at their chance for a frozen treat.

As the last child turned from the wagon, unwrapping her snack, the truck began to inch up the hilly street toward Megan.

Suddenly, a shrill scream broke through the wind, shattering the van’s repeating melody and stealing Megan’s attention from the happy moment. The screech had come from Rosie and Ralph’s house.

Forgetting about the ice cream, Megan dashed toward the direction of the scream, unsuccessfully trying to stuff coins into her sweater pocket while she moved.

As she approached the house, a feeble Rosie stumbled out the side gate from her backyard. She tried to speak but it was gibberish. Megan ran to her, gently clasping her shoulders.

“Rosie, slow down. I can’t understand you. Are you okay?”

Rosie appeared to be hyperventilating. She stopped attempting to talk and, shaking, turned her fragile body toward the gate, pointing a wrinkled finger as she sobbed incoherently. The look of fear on her face petrified Megan, keeping her from going any further. But then Rosie forced a name from her lips

“Ralph…” she choked.

Megan would not remember exactly what happened next other than faint recollections of constricted breathing and muscles surrendering to fatigue. She would recall the pounding in her chest and the heaviness of her body. The feeling of being trapped. Confusion. Distorted vision … as if watching paint colors bleed across a canvas.

Oh, and that strange figure.


It’s fascinating how our lives can end in the blink of an eye. Who would think that an act as simple as running to fetch an ice-cream surprise Green landscapecould be part of the chain of events that results in a person’s death?

Momentarily, our hero will come face-to-face with the magnificent angel, Azrael.

Her family’s lives will be flung sideways.

… And nothing will ever be the same.

Join Us Next Week

We plan to reveal the finished cover for Unsung Lyrics! Our graphic designer is making final modifications as we speak and we’re thrilled to see the completed design!

Until then, keep dancing in the rain, stomping through the pain, and discovering your life’s Unsung Lyrics!






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