Creating Twins … It’s Harder Than You Think

By Shawny Lou Miller

“Where’ve you been?”  3 Questions 2 (2)

“Did you finish your book?”

“Why’d you stop blogging?”

How can three questions provoke such conflict in my soul?

Suddenly, I’m a child, in trouble for not completing an important assignment, a business partner who’s let another down … yet when I’m asked these questions, there’s that other side of me who feels so loved—thankful that someone cared enough to ask, grateful that you want to know.

Where’ve I been?

Ahhhh … life.

Funny, how it happened.

Life went from providing too many hours in a day—enough for me to almost feel trapped in the imaginary worlds I created—to slamming me with so much work outside of the house that writing became an impossibility.

Despite that, Unsung Lyrics, has progressed … a lot … but slowly.

Did I finish the book?

Kind of.  UNSUNG

Draft number one. Done.

Rewrite number one. Begun!

About that blogging …

While I can’t make promises thanks to those full-time work commitments, plus the intensive rewrite of Unsung Lyrics, Mikie DeLong Pyle and I are determined to make more efforts to keep you up on the development of this story—this life form that’s become such a part of who we are.

Speaking of progress …

Wow! It’s been a road, and not a bump-free one.  Windy Road 1

It’s much like raising a child—emotional, stressful, worrisome, scary, exciting. The list goes on.

Those of you who have written a book or screenplay know that that the process is a journey with unforeseen twists and turns. Truth-be-told, there were a few seconds (okay … days), when I thought about quitting.

But like parenting, one can’t just stop half-way through. And, like our children, this story does not belong to me. Nor is it Mikie’s story. This story came from our Creator. It belongs to Him.

It’s a tale for anyone who wonders, as well those who have wandered. It’s for those who imagine what awaits us when this carnal life ends or who question how our existence will matter.

Will our lives on earth and the relationships we’ve built (and broken) intertwine in the hereafter?

Sure, “Unsung” is fictional, but who doesn’t hope to discover that the loved ones who’ve left us might be experiencing something magnificent? That they might still be with us in some form? And what about that little matter of us coming to understand a little more about why we’re here in the first place?

Unsung Lyrics – The Evolution

When Unsung Lyrics began, it was collaborative experiment between a screenwriter and a novelist—an unusual endeavor, considering artists with two opposing writing styles were developing the story.

Serendipity 2But as our first blog post, Our Collaboration: The Beginnings”, depicts, this was a serendipitous moment from a higher power and we knew we’d been called to do this as a team.

Over the past 17-months, we’ve learned that combining Unsung Lyrics with the vision of a screenplay but the detail of a novel is a delightful challenge.

As our rewrite is birthed, we’re excited to see this child developing—one who will fit beautifully onto the big screen … Child dancing 4while also dancing Child dancing 3 (2)naturally across the printed page. Strange as it sounds, we’re like two parents, creating twins who will look the same, yet have very different voices.

What’s next?

Did I mention, no guarantees that we’ll publish a new article every two weeks? We can’t even promise a post every month. We wish we could, but we’re likely to under-deliver.

What we can promise is that we are continuing to feed Unsung Lyrics, the rewrite continues to grow—and she’s looking good! We’re thrilled to present the finished child to you in the not-so-distant future! Green landscape

As she evolves, we’ll definitely include a few new excerpts on 2 Pen A Picture.

What’s in store for Megan Calloway, the family she’s left behind, and those angels who are hosting her colossal welcoming ceremony?

Stay tuned!

Until then … keep dancing in the rain, singing through the pain, and discovering your life’s Unsung Lyrics!


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