About Mikie

Mikie DeLong Pyle is an optioned screenwriter who primarily writes character-driven indie family dramas set in small town America about an ordinary protagonist who embarks on an extraordinary journey. However, she is not limited to, nor constrained by, that genre, and one of her script projects is a magical realism feature set in Cambodia.

Mikie earned a B.A. degree in Journalism with a photography emphasis, graduated from Act One Writing Program, completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting and keeps active improving her craft by attending numerous screenwriting courses and seminars.

She has written three feature-length scripts, two short films, co-wrote a feature-length comedy and wrote an episode for a proposed television sit-com.

Mikie brings to her stories a background rich and diverse in life experiences. Her life roles and occupations include: firefighter’s wife, mother of two, photojournalist for a non-profit, photo lab tech for an aerospace company, newspaper reporter, newsletter editor, school volunteer, teacher’s aide, church secretary, and most recently, director of volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center.

Mikie was born and raised in a small town in Upstate New York, lived in several large California cities, and returned to her small town roots with her Fire Captain husband to raise a family in a California mountain town. She loves to travel and her most recent trek was to Cambodia to assist her brother in a humanitarian project to conduct research for one of her scripts.



14 thoughts on “About Mikie

    • Thanks Lyn for checking out our Blog! Hmmm…I did a fair amount of what I listed “BK”, Before Kids, 🙂 but I suppose I still kept busy after their arrival… At any rate, thanks for your interest! — Mikie


      • What? What am I saying? :-). I entered the world of screenwriting AFTER my kids were born, and, in fact, they were in their teens, when I started actively pursuing my dream of writing screenplays. At any rate, thanks again Lyn! 🙂


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