Mikie’s Other Projects


Facing Grace

A cantankerous recluse prone to panic attacks must leave her friendless hermit-like existence and find the courage to travel to face her deepest fear — the ex-husband she hasn’t seen in 25 years — before toxic anger and bitterness literally kill her. A kind, enigmatic Cambodian woman, befriends and inspires her with a personal story of surviving horrific tragedy and choosing a freedom found only in forgiveness.

Fire Rock

Inspired by true stories of small town firefighting

A big-city indie rock musician strives to become a rural small town firefighter. To succeed, and finally make his dying firefighter dad proud, he must, in one probationary year, conquer phobias of heights and blood, and defeat his embittered fire captain’s resolve to fail him. Music helps him cope with each challenge and a tragedy finally propels him to discover his true calling and to “fan into flame” the gifts he’s been given.

(A previously optioned script, and a finalist in the Kern Film Festival Screenplay Competition.)

The Shooter’s Mom

An award-winning first-grade teacher’s obsessive quest to find out why her teen son committed a school shooting leads to the dangerous discovery of a secret violent teen cult. In her compulsive search for answers she neglects her marriage, and her other two children: a son who dabbles in a destructive vice, and a young teen daughter who participates in a salacious activity.

Walk a Mile

During a near-death episode, a self-absorbed American teen transports supernaturally into the body of an impoverished Cambodian girl and experiences the hard life of the poor teen. An unscrupulous village leader’s scheme threatens to ruin the innocent Cambodian, and the American is given a choice by a spirit guide to either act on feelings of empathy, defeat the evil leader and help the girl, or return home to America.

Unsung Lyrics

An adaptation from the book written by Shawny Lou Miller

A gifted music therapist dies and finds herself on a journey to the hereafter where, in the courtyard outside of heaven, she watches scenes of her life from the “Book of Deeds”. While there, she undergoes a mandatory rite-of-passage to get into heaven: an eye-opening trial which reveals the consequences of her most regrettable earthly choices, offers her the opportunity to view her life through God’s perspective and ultimately decides her eternal destiny.



A fearful teen hides her pregnancy from her grief-stricken dad; an infertile woman withholds forgiveness from her guilt-ridden husband. On a journey of repentance and reconciliation, the teen’s and woman’s paths intercept in an unexpected way of grace.

(A semi-finalist in “Write of Passage”,  a 168 Film Project Screenwriting Competition — an entrée for the 2014 theme “The Gift”.)

The “X” Variable

A bright, popular teen tutors an unpopular pregnant classmate in algebra and risks losing a prestigious scholarship when she interferes with a school counselor’s involvement in the teen’s pregnancy decision. Ultimately, the tutor learns that an internalized math lesson she taught influenced the pregnant girl’s final choice.


The Extra, a feature-length comedy, co-written with screenwriter E.W. Helmick.

Wrote an episode for the proposed television sit-com “Looking Up to Dad”.


In addition to the above projects, Mikie continues to add to her file of “screenplay ideas”, and looks forward to developing the best, the most potential, seeds of stories into full-bloomed scripts.


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