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Who is Shawny Lou?

Writer of children’s books and novels meant to inspire.

If my stories don’t make you laugh, cry, or inspire you to consider something beyond what you already know, I’ve missed the mark.”

Shawny Lou Miller’s writing centers on topics that impact the lives of people around the globe, including addiction, spirituality, self-discovery, and emotional growth.

Having found success in the business world for over twenty-years, Shawny Lou was often sought to develop curriculums for adult learning, leadership development, career advancement, and customer service excellence.

She and her husband, Ed, live in a small, mountain town in California, where they moved after five of their six children had grown. Along with their youngest son, Shawny Lou and Ed found themselves embraced by a new community as their lives took an unexpected turn.

Shawny Lou left corporate America, thanks to a challenging neurological condition, leaving her and Ed to wonder what the future held for them.

With God’s grace, what appeared to be a stumbling block was, instead, a stepping stone. Many influences entered her life, encouraging her to utilize the writing talents she’d demonstrated through her professional career. With that, Shawny Lou set off on a divine journey, hoping to change lives or, at the very least, touch hearts.

As a child, Shawny Lou enjoyed small town notoriety with publications showcasing her poetry. By junior high, she was an award winning speech writer and public speaker. Even so, it wasn’t until she was no longer in the hustle of a busy office that she could truly explore her dream of writing, as a career.

It didn’t take long before Shawny Lou was chin deep in a book of poetry, centered around her personal experiences as an adoptee. This was followed by a Christian-based children’s book about addiction, written through the eyes of a child; a project close to her heart. She has also written several Seek And Find books for young kids, and is currently collaborating on a novel with screenwriter, Mikie DeLong Pyle.

Shawny Lou and her husband are actively involved in their church, directing a ministry and participating as members of the church council. They have a heart for the Lord, and a longing to make a difference in people’s lives.

Being a blended family (each bringing three kids into their combined circus…um, circle), they are a diverse clan, full of anecdotes, which Shawny Lou frequently pulls into her writing.



3 thoughts on “About Shawny Lou

  1. Very inspiring story! I have a life full of about 2,000 pages of ups and downs that I want to share with the world some day. Perhaps you can help me do that Shawny, one pen stroke at a time.


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