From Prologue to Page One

by Mikie DeLong Pyle

I’m adaptable, right? So I should be adept at adapting to an adaptation, right? TITLE PAGE cu

Adapting writer Shawny Lou Miller’s novel, Unsung Lyrics, into a screenplay, that is.

When Shawny Lou and I talked about me writing a Blog post and including the first page of the screenplay to show the transformation of the book’s Prologue into page one of the film, I was excited to begin writing. I mean, it’s only one page, right? Piece of cake, easy-peezey-breezey, no prob.

In Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat book on screenwriting, he says:

“The very first impression of what a movie is – its tone, its mood, the type and scope of the film – are all found in the opening image.”

(No pressure, Blake, thanks.)

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