Unsung Lyrics – The Sweet Serenade of a Story

By Shawny Lou Miller

piano guys photoStar Wars has it. So does Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Twilight, and so many more great films.

A musical score that awakens our senses!

It’s no surprise that the music accompanying a movie plays a vital role in the overall experience that an audience takes away from the story.

Creating a novel can require the same melodic inspiration. Some of my favorite scenes in Unsung Lyrics were born when a song or composition tickled my ears.

It was late in 2013 when I’d arrived at Megan Calloway’s death scene. I was stumped. I knew that I wanted to take the audience on a journey they’d never experienced, but how?

How does a writer, who has yet to die, describe the feeling of being transported to the next life?

Is it possible for one, with such limited words, to carry a reader toward an encounter with a never-before-seen angel of death?

Doesn’t my audience deserve to soak in the same emotion that Megan does, as she travels away from her earthly life, up – up – up into the galaxies?

Writing the death scene for Megan, a talented cellist, would require some creative stimulation!

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