“Unsung Lyrics”

by Shawny Lou Miller

When 46-year-old, Megan Calloway, a gifted music therapist with a boundless imagination, dies in what appears to be a freak accident, her spirit embarks on a magnificent journey from the physical world to a divine afterlife, where hundreds of ethereal beings are waiting to welcome her.

Coming face to face with The Creator, himself, Megan becomes engulfed in The Viewing, an ethereal rite of passage which each soul must experience before entering Heaven. During The Viewing, Megan surveys scenes from her own life, as her Book of Deeds is opened and her past wondrously rises from its pages.

As she participates in this spellbinding ceremony, Megan sees her life spiraling downward, divulging her desperate attempts to escape a world of heartbreak, broken promises, and an over-bearing mother.

Sitting beside her Savior and Creator, along with an audience of celestial witnesses, Megan watches her past unfold in three dimensional imagery, as it begins to breathe before their eyes. Through it, she is forced to face dark secrets and deep wounds, which she’d tucked away for decades, and to acknowledge the far-reaching impacts of her choices.

With a newfound, supernatural awareness, Megan learns, for the first time, the purpose of her deepest hurts and how her sufferings inspired her greatest joys.

As her journey unfolds, Megan finds the closing lyrics to a song she’d spent her earthly life creating, and realizes her Ne Plus Ultra; the pinnacle of her existence, which she’d pursued since childhood.

In the end, she will learn which mighty gate will swing open, revealing her ultimate destiny. But first, Megan must endure an eye opening replay of her life, as her soul discovers forgiveness, healing, and a divine redemption she never saw coming.

Through it all, Megan comes to the overwhelming realization that, even though she has died, the adventure of her life may just be getting started.

Check out the “Book Excerpts” page for a taste of the story!


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